David & Peggy Wade

I went to Marvin School from 1943 until 1948. Then to Ritenour 
Junior High for three years.  I graduated from Ritenour Senior
High School in 1956.  Thus ending my my last three years in the 
Ritenour School District.

I married in November 1958.  My wife Peggy and I have now been 
married for over 43 years.  Prior to our marriage Peggy (Burnett)
lived across the street from me.  We made our home in Ferguson, 
Missouri until about 15 years ago when we moved to Kentucky. 
We now have a small farm here in Kentucky. I tried retirement a
year ago January. 

I got restless so went back to work at the local grade school as a 
custodian.  This was  just to have something to do.  We currently 
have Tennessee walking horses and cows here on our farm. 

I currently live about 35 miles North of where Joann Hardesty lives. 


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