William E. (Bill) Walker

After I graduated from Ritenour, I spent some time in New York.  Came back and went to work for McDonnell, as an electrician on the F-101.   I joined the Air Force in the latter part of 1956 and was in for four years. I ended up in Utah, where I met and married Shari. (This was in 1961).  

We have three children. Wendie Kaye, Jeff, and Kami Jo.  I started working for Ideal Cement Company at their Devils Slide Plant in Utah.  After the children were born, I decided to go to college and work at the same time.   I graduated from Weber State College, Ogden, Utah in 1969, with a degree in Business Management and minors in Banking and Finance.  I completed the last three years of college in two years. 

From Utah we went to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Nebraska, and now in South Carolina.  All the moves were made in the manufacturing industry, working for different companies, and at different supervisory levels.  I started out as a Laborer and ended up as Plant Manager.

My children are all married, with children.  I have two granddaughters, and six grandsons.  The youngest is two and the eldest is fifteen. 

Wendie Kaye and her two boys, and Jeff and his girl and boy live in Nebraska.  

Kami Jo and her three boys and girl live in Virginia Beach, Virginia

In 1995, Shari died of brain cancer, just two years after we arrived here in South Carolina.  Like Nan, I am single again.

Presently, I am on contract with Mutual Of Omaha and United Of Omaha.  The area I work is South Carolina and Georgia.

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