Rosalie A Rose
I married the fellow I was dating during my last years in Ritenour. Rod Suda did not attend Ritenour.  He was from Felton,  Missouri.

We married in November of 1956 and I had 4 sons.  Ray,  Rick,  Ron, and Russ.  We lived in Fenton most of our married life until we retired and built a house on a lake development in French Village, Missouri.  We also brough a place in Florida for the winters.

When my husband died in 2001 I moved permanently to Florida and into a 55+ community.  I sold my lake house.

I have 11 grand children ages 6 through 27.  2 of my sons still live in Fenton,  Missouri area.  1 lives in Michigan and the other lives in San Diego,  California.

I remarried in 2005 to a man who lifed in my subdivision.  His name is:  Vern Rose.

We love to travel ,  go fishing, and partying with our friends.  We are looking forward to the reunion in 2006.

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