Nan (Maples) Renaud
I am now retired and having a wonderful time doing all the things I like to do.  My family is the most fun.  All 4 of my children live in Little Rock now and there is hardly a day goes by that I don't do something with or for one of them.
Shannon is the oldest and has her own company Dancin Dog Productions.  She produces and edits Super Retriever Series and the Water Dog  TV shows on OLN.  Web site is  I do some of her bookkeeping.  She has 2 children Blair - 24  and Chelsey - 20.  Blair recently graduated from Mizzou and Chelsey is working in Springfield, Mo. and taking classes at  Missouri State.

#2 is Mark David. He has been producing a singer songwriter TV show SpotlightOn  for several years and it is to begin on the internet in April.  He has one child Michael who will soon be 17 and a junior in Central High School and I love watching him play basketball.  He has a job and a car and is so grown up.  Mark has 2 step children, from his wife Catherine - Josh and Rachel and they each have a little girl which means I have 2 step great grandchildren,  Josh's is Alexis and Rachel's is Skyllar.  Both are under 2.

Michael is the manager and producer of the ESPN fishing shows that JM Associates produces and he and his wife Pamela have 2 children.  Damon who is 9 and Elena just turned 7.  They play soccer and Damon plays basketball and Elena is a gymnast and dancer.

Matthew and his wife Sheila have my newest grandchild Clark who is 14 months old.  So cute.  I baby sit him some and just love him to pieces. Matthew has a TV production company also and works mostly freelance.  His website is  He won an Emmy for one of his commercials for public television.  He also still plays in a rock band in Dallas some.  Sheila and her business partner, Paula run a Pilates studio and I get to go twice a week.  It really has made a difference in how I feel physically. 
My Extracurricular Activities are listed below:
 Professional Jazz Singer -

Gardening (Flowers) 
Member of a Monthly Dinner Club 
Member of a Spiritual Group.  We call it "The God Meeting" 

Looking forward to seeing some of you at our 50th reunion is September 2006.

Chelsey, Blair and daughter Shannon

My son Mark and his Wife Catherine and his son Michael

My son Michael and wife Pamela with Damon and Elena

Son Matthew and his wife Sheila with Clark

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