Ray Duke

This photo was cropped from a photo taken
at our 50th Class Reunion

Hello to all of my classmates of '56.

WOW!! Time flies! Hard to believe we're 70 years old or soon to be 70. (I really don't feel that old). Let's see if I can remember how all this took place.
After leaving High school in 1956 I went into the Marine Corps and while there married Betty Whitehead (class of '55). We are about to celebrate 51 yrs. together. We produced 5 children, 3 boys & 2 girls.
After the Marine Corps I went to work for Monsanto and am now in my 47th year with them---yes I'm still working---but only part-time at the agricultural bio tech research center. I continued my education at night to finish my degree in 1968. I love what I do but will probably retire in the next year or two. Betty and I live in St Charles county on the same couple of acres we bought in 1969 and will most likely spend the rest of our lives there.
I certainly hope that all have had as good a life as I have been blessed with and good fortune will follow each and every one of you.

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