Judith Poindexter's Family

It is interesting to read about the lives that others have had since we all left Ritenour so many years ago.  My journey is not all that different from others.  After graduation, I went to St. Louis University on a scholarship that was basically for daughters of Protestant blue-collar workers.  I got married before graduation and was actually pregnant with my first son when we graduated.  After graduation we moved to New Jersey and then on to Purdue where my husband got two graduate degrees and I got pregnant twice.  We decided that that kind of symmetry needed to be altered so he got a job and we moved to Texas where I got a graduate degree.  He, however, didnít get pregnant. When the space program took a nosedive in 1973 we moved to California where we have stayed, though not together.  

Jim, my oldest son works in environmental management and is now getting a graduate degree in structural engineering.  He lives in Long Beach and is not married.  Phillip, my second son, is the managing director of a production company that makes television commercials.  He lives in Studio City and is married and has two children.  Mary, my daughter, lives in India with her husband, who is in the Foreign Service and her two children.  She has made a career out of making a career in all the places she has lived [Honduras, India, Pakistan and Hong Kong].  As you can imagine my life has been blessed and expanded by my children and grandchildren.  Every summer the grandchildren come to visit for about a month and I have all four of them without parents. This time is referred to as Camp Judy because we do so many things -surf, go to the beach, Disneyland, movies, camp, horseback riding, etc. 

I live in Long Beach about a block and a half from the beach with my second husband Jim.  He is retired and spends his life playing.  I am a consultant in the field of developmental disability and traumatic brain injury.  I began consulting in 1993 when it became increasingly obvious that I was really unfit to work for or with anyone on a full time basis.  I love my work and donít know when or if I will stop.  One of the advantages to working for myself is that I can take lots of vacations and travel the world.  My daughterís life has taken me to many places that I would not have chosen on my own of course the same could be said for my sons but I didnít have to leave home for those experiences, but they have provided many unusual experiences.  Her theory is that the more arduous the trip, the better the telling and we have a lot to talk about in that regard. 

I hope all of you are well and happy in your lives.

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