Peggy (Midyett) Laux


I got married the year after we graduated.  I had three children by my first husband.  We got divorced after 17 years.  

I then married again.  My second husband died in 1994.  We had no children. 
I have 2 grandchildren and 3 step-grandchildren.
I worked for 3 years before my first child was born and then stayed home until all my children were in school.
I then worked at General American, which is Met Life now, and retired from there in Dec. 1997.
I am active in my Church, which is the 1st Baptist Church of Waterloo.  I  am the volunteer assistant treasurer, which I have been doing for 8 years.
I am going to try and attach a picture of me that is about 5 years old.
You can reword this if you want.
I'm looking forward to the class reunion.
Peggy Laux

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