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Michael's daughter
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Taken Christmas of 2000
Jason - Post,  October 27, 2002

SPECIAL NOTE:  Posted 9/22/02

My son Tim Oster who was 44 was killed along with a coworker 
in an auto accident last Thursday morning on their way to work. 
A young man driving a pickup truck swerved into their lane and 
hit them head on. The young man was also killed. 

We had a beautiful service for Tim yesterday and am blessed to 
have a close, loving family. This tragedy has been especially 
difficult on us because we lost my youngest son Michael, seven 
years ago, also in an auto accident. 

Please keep us all in your prayers. 
God Bless and hug your babies. 
Bev (Rhea) McLaughlin 

Tom and I meet March 1992 and married Jan 1994. 

We were blessed with the support of our blended family members including 8 children
(Tom 3) (Bev 5) and at the time of our marriage 11 grandchildren. 

In November of 1995 my youngest son Michael, who was 27 was killed in an automobile accident. But in May 1996 God blessed our family with 3 more grandchildren. Terrie, Tom's daughter gave birth to beautiful, healthy triplets. 

We now have a total of 16 grandchildren and a great granddaughter Jaysha born to my grandson Jason (JayE)  who is Nelly's (Rap Star from St. Louis) producer. 

Tom and I moved to S. California in 1997 and after almost three years decided that I needed to get back to the Midwest to the family and my roots. 

We are living is Lake St. Louis on the golf course and are enjoying retirement and look forward to lots of travel. 

Thank you putting our "Ritenour Class of 1956" together. It has given me the opportunity to keep in touch with long lost friends. 

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