Maxine (Broyles) Dickman


Education.  I served as Registrar and on the Faculty at Winnipeg Bible College, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I worked as a secretary for Monsanto, St. Louis Headquarters in the Research and Development Department until August 1969.  In September 1969 I married my husband, Dan, who was from Rolla but had been working in St. Louis. (He had rented an apartment from my parents and that is how we met.)  He had started a business known as Dickman Aviation Services, Inc. at our airport (K07) Rolla Downtown Airport, Rolla, Missouri.  

We were blessed with three children, who are Dan II, 34, Christie, 32,  and Mary Carol, 29.  Mary Carol married Bradley Watson in May 2003.   Sorry, still waiting to be a grandmother.  I am fortunate all of my children still live in Rolla.

My husband, Dan, of 25 years passed away suddenly on my 56th birthday, October 29, 1994.  I still have the airport but no longer operate a full fixed based operation.  The hangars on the field are rented/owned by aircraft owners.  The U.S. Forest Service rents part of the facility as a heliport for training firefighters. 

My hobbies are quilting, going out to eat, and doing volunteer work.

Note added April 7, 2008

Just wanted to let you know of my good news.  I got married March 8, 2008 to David L. Fosmark, who is also a '56er from the State of Washington.  He lives in Republic, MO and therefore, I moved there. 

See the birthday page for my new address.

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