Dr Dwight C Look Jr PhD
Hall of Fame Member

  After high school, I went to a college (now called Central Methodist) and two Universities (Nebraska and Oklahoma) to obtain a Ph.D. Along the way, I married, (Patricia Wellbaum from Webster Groves, MO), worked in industry for a while (General Dynamics), had two sons, (Dwight III and Douglas), and joined the faculty at the University of Missouri Rolla (Mechanical Engineering Department). 

Dwight is now a physicia - and teaches at the University of Iowa, while Douglas is a Vice President of a bank in Columbia, MO. They married two lovely women, Kelly and Karen, respectively. 

Pat and I enjoy our five grandchildren - Dwight's children are Darren (17), and Kristin (15); Doug's children are Sarah (8), Matthew (8), and Emily (8). Yep, triplets! 

I officially retired from UMR, after 31 years, as of September 2000 as Professor Emeritus; however, I taught half time at UMR for three more years. I even served as Assistant Football Coach at UMR for eight years. 

Presently, I am commuting and teach in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Washington University in St. Louis.

I still love athletics and sports, being an active skeet shooter (and part owner of a shooting club), semi-active martial artist and lunch time basketballer (the young people here still let me play basketball with them at noon). 

My wife awaits my full retirement because she wants to "travel" much more.

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