Leonard Lewis

Well, for those interested, I have retired from the incentive
group travel business and relocated with my wife Joan to 
beautiful Hudson, Fl., ten minutes from the gulf coast and 
40 minutes north of Tampa.  We have a beautiful home in 
a golf community, however, can't fine time now for the sport.
May take it up later.

After graduating from Ritenour, I worked with the Federal Bureau
of Investigation for eight years.  During this time I attended 
evening classes at the Missouri University - Normandy campus, 
plus extension courses from SIU.  At the time of leaving the F.B.I.,
I held the position of IC Supervisor of the FBI office at the Military
Personnel Records Center, Overland, Mo.  It was a hectic period
at that time....  Kennedy assassination.  Medgar Edwards assassination,
plus the sex scandal during President Johnson's first term in office.
All of this left me with no personal time for my new family.  On leaving
the FBI, I joined the Maritz Sales Motivation Co.  I spent 7 years
with the Maritz Sales Company and 8 years with the Maritz Incentive
Travel Co., as Sr. Account Mgr., before being recruited by a travel
company in Atlanta.  Moved to Atlanta in 1979 with my wife and now 
four children - two boys and two girls.  In the incentive travel business,
I wrote and designed group travel packages for major corporations.
This allowed me the opportunity to wine and dine top corporate 
management plus travel though out the world.  My wife also was able
to accompany me on certain trips when doing site selections with
clients, plus on a program where I chartered the Stella Saloris Greek
cruise ship and toured most of the Greek Isles plus Turkey with a 
major client group.

After retiring at 62, we remained in the Atlanta area until my wife
retired as Export Coordinator with Scientific Atlanta.  Due to the 
heavy traffic problems in Atlanta , my wife and I decided in June of 
2001 to relocate to the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast.  Our children, their 
wives and husbands, plus five grand children still live in Atlanta, plus
a step grandson lives in Tampa, Fl.

Life has really been great and it is even getting better here in Florida.

Best regards,


I know that I'm retired, but I'm finding it hard to find time to do nothing.
My art has changed from general landscapes etc., to strictly that of
painting the Florida Manatee/seascapes and coastal boating areas.
The area we lie in is dominated mostly by northerners, some are 
permanent and about 1/3 are snowbirds. They decorate with anything
that is beach/fish/shells/sea life oriented so I am now directing my art
in that direction.  In addition to painting I also install and maintain
fish ponds.  Never thought retirement would be so enjoyable.  But it 
really is.
Note:  Following is a seascape I made.  To get a good view just click
the small photo.

Leonard's Sea Scape

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