Janice (Laws) Willman

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I Married in 1959, but divorced after 25 years.  We had 3 sons.  The oldest has been in the Air Force for 25 years and the youngest just retired from the Air Force after 20 yrs.  My mid-child passed away in 1995.  There are 3 boys and 1 girl I proudly call grandchildren. 

I retired a couple years ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it.  The surprise to me after all these years is that I am enjoying it.  I have been doing some traveling, etc., enjoy working in the garden (perhaps should say .. enjoy doing anything that allows me to be outside).

My mother graduated from Ritenour Jr. Hi when it was considered a junior hi .. name changed approxiately 3-4 years before we all joined there.  The Handee House was just opening when she graduated.  Just a piece of trivia

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