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Ann & Dick
Last Graduation
Loaded Up
Hello to all my friends from high school.  Thanks for this web page so we can keep 
in touch. 

My, the years have raced past!  It seems like yesterday when we were roaming the 
halls of Ritenour. Good old Ritenour-and the orange and black. 

What has happened to me?  Well, I married Dick Hunt (RHS, 1955) in 1958. 
I was a student at St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing and Dick was a student 
at Wash U at that time. I worked at St. Luke’s after graduation while Dick finished 
graduate school. Then we moved to Chicago (in 1965), to New Jersey (in 1967) 
and settled here in West Lafayette Indiana in 1969.  I went back to school, earned 
some degrees and taught at Purdue School of Nursing for a total of 21 years. 
I retired from the Purdue faculty in 2000. 

Dick and I have 2 children: John (41 years old, who is a biomedical engineer and 
lives in Minneapolis with his wife and 2 children) and Julie (36 years old, who is a 
physical therapist and lives in Ballwin, MO with her husband and 2 children). 
Our parents are deceased.  My brother, Jay, is a major league baseball scout for 
the Angels. He, and his wife, Gay Bergfeld, live near Kansas City.

I have been involved in many nursing organizations and activities over the years. 
But, since retiring I have moved away from nursing and become involved in several 
other activities.  I enjoy gardening.  I am a Master Gardener and have been working 
part-time at a landscape design firm for about a year.  That design firm recently added 
a l6,000 square foot Garden Center.  So, at age 63 I am going into Garden Center sales.
I can even work the cash register.  It is pretty easy. 

I have taken several photography courses in the past, including 3 courses on the use of 
Photoshop digital imaging software.  I enjoy playing around with my digital photos and 
Photoshop. My other activities include volunteering as a “Special Friend” to a first 
grader at a local elementary school.  I also write the bi-monthly 20 page newsletter 
for the local Indiana Veterans’ Home.  So, I keep pleasantly busy. 

I plan to use this web page to keep in touch with my old and treasured friends from 

Thanks for the memories…….

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