Jeanne (Gaither) Jones

Added July 16, 2006
Sorry it is not too clear but that is the way it was received.


Jeanne will not be able to attend our 50th Reunion but asked that I add this little bit of additional news along with a updated photo. 

I have lived in Snowmass, Colorado, Summersville Mo, Champaign IL, Tampa FL, Murfreesboro TN, and now in Fairhope AL which is about 40 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  I have worked as a Commercial Bank Teller,  Chairman of Shannon County Advisory Council in MO, Front office in a Pediatricians office, and a medical office manager for 2 doctors before retiring.

My hobbies are acrylic painting, collecting cobalt glass and blue and white glass ware.  My joy is going to the beach for walks and shelling.

I have three living children, my handicapped son died in 93 from chondrosarcoma  which is a runners cancer of the cartlidge it was in his spine and his heart stopped on the operating table.  He had two grafts of bone tissue and we assume he acquired it from one of them.  A big thing in law suits at this time but we will not be joining one of them.  I have also lost two grandchildren one at 19 in 2000 in a house fire and one at 16 in 2004 in an automobile wreck in which he was a passenger.

We are reasonably good health, Jerry still tinkers helping neighbors with small problems  to do with elec. plumbing, and air conditioners.  I just painted a 10 foot mural on a fence for a neighbor.  I do have diabetes, high blood pressure, and a degree of congestive heart failure but life goes on and I am determined to also!

Just wanted you to have this info so you can share if asked and hope you will let me know about everyone at the reunion....take me some pictures please.

Above added July 16, 2006
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How can it be so long since we have touched base with each other 
and at the same time it does not seem that long at all.

I have been married three times.  I am married to Jerry Jones and 
after 32 years I think I have it right this time. Jerry and I are both 
retired.  I held three types of jobs during my working years.  I began 
in banking at 1st National Bank in St. Louis. Later I worked in 
home health.  The last twelve years I worked as a medical office 
manager before I retired.

We are settled in Fairhope, Alabama which is on the eastern shore 
of Mobile Bay and about thirty miles from Gulf Shores, Alabama. 
Weather is fantastic, fishing interesting, and I love shelling on the 
beach.  My hobbies include arts and crafts and small teddy bear 
collecting.  I have been working on my family tree for my grand
children to have.   They are 10th generation on my father's side 
and 7th on my mother's side so it is interesting.   I enjoy living life 
to its fullest.

We have two daughters both live in Missouri and a son who lives in 
West Virginia.  All three are married and we have nine grand
children, six boys and 3 girls. 

I enjoy my computer and email so drop me a few lines if you have a 

Best wishes to you all, Jeanne

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