Everett Lee Smith

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This was written by Everett's wife Barbara
It will be updated with photos when received.

I am his 3rd wife and am curious to know if Louise Reeves from class of 58 has checked in with reunion committee. She was his first wife and they had a daughter Laquita Kay.   Louise remarried and her new husband adopted(?)their daughter. Do not want to make any waves for anyone but if the mother and dad are passed away (louise and new husband) I would be interested in knowing if the daughter has ever tried to find her father Everett L Smith.  If she has please send email address to her.  If not, well best leave sleeping dogs lie.  We do not want to intervene in her life unless she is looking for us.  Appreciate it if you will  let me know if louise reeves is listed?   Who knows she might not even know she is adopted.  Barbara J Smith, (Mrs Everett Lee Smith)   
Update on everett ....

He had several different occupations in life. Is retired now. Has been in Va 3 years now. Last job retired from was Master Electrican , worked in service station/car sales, civil service -street maintenance and for several world wide construction companies as an electrician on high voltage. He has one half brother, no sisters. His mother and father are both deceased. He has a daughter and a son who each have children and also one great grand child age 4.  He has a stepson and a deceased stepdaughter.  His dad died of cancer while everett was a preteen.  His mother died of complications of cancer,diabetes and kidney problems. She lived to 84 yr. old.            Barbara 

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