Joanne (Crider) Ellis



      I decided to "Give a Cheer for Ol Mizzou" after high school and, with terrific friend, Joan Evrard, as my first roommate, majored in Journalism and English graduating in 1960.  I married a small-town lawyer, Joe Ellis, and moved to Cassville, Mo, (population 2400) in the southwest corner of the state.

      My planned career of writing for an ad agency had to be changed - so I signed on to teach journalism, start a school paper for Cassville High School, sponsor the cheerleaders, advise the yearbook, etc. and later added senior English.  I tried to model myself after Miss Lovelace, but it didn't work.

      I had two children - Laura, who is now an attorney married to an attorney in Springfield, MO, and Dean, who is an ophthalmologist in Kansas City, formerly married to an ophthalmologist.  I have three grandchildren - and of course, they are exceptional, beautiful, etc.

      My husband died in 2005, after living 15 years with a transplanted heart.  We had almost 45 years together.

      Since then I have been very busy with much traveling, bridge club, writing book reviews for a magazine, leading a book club, the Methodist church, and Republican politics especially on the local level.  The men I have dated usually find I am "too busy" for them.  Maybe they can't keep up.

      Looking forward to seeing everyone; although I may not realize who I am seeing.  Hope to study the photos before our get together.


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