Barbara (Fridenberg) Dycus
Barbara 1956


Barbara 2002

Barbara in Riga, Latvia 2002
Left to right:
Vera Jarmilov - Chaplain's wife - Skirotavas Prison - Riga, Latvia
Louise Jennings - Kingsway Outreach - Harrisburg, VA
Barbara A. Dycus - Exec. Director, Second Chance Prison Ministry
Joyce Ward, SCPM Board Member

Posted 06/08/02

I just got back from Latvia two weeks ago and have been trying to catch up. 
I am doing fine and received a good report from the Dr. last week. 
I do not have to have surgery.  They will recommend that I have 
another mammogram in six months and if everything is still the same or 
better, then I will go back on the once a year schedule. 

Praise the Lord. 

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