Charles (Chuck) Edmonds
and wife Mary Lou
Mary Lou

Vacation in Germany August 2005

Mary Lou and Chuck
Marine Corps Ball (November 12, 2005)

After more then 51 years of marriage
My wife keeps getting younger and I keep getting older

My ambition in life is to be myself.

After graduation from Ritenour I enlisted the U.S. Marine Corps with my
brother and cousin. It was a wonderful life and I learned to be myself.  No
better or worse then the person standing next to me. While stationed with the
4th Marines at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii (1957) My commanding officer offered me
the opportunity of a life time. That offer was to go to college under a special
Marine Corps program for Marine Corps Disbursing Officers. My duties were
scheduled around my school work load.  Later after completing a year at the
University of Hawaii I was transferred to Camp Pendleton and from there I was
assigned to what is known as a "Class A" duty station in San Francisco where
I continued my education at Golden Gate University, San Francisco.   I completed
my studies in late 1962, receiving a degree in accounting and commissioned a
2ndLt in the Marine Corps.  Later I attended Laney Collage in Oakland, California
where I completed my required subjects and received the first of two teaching credentials.

I married a girl from San Francisco (Mary Lou) on September 10, 1960.
We were blessed with two daughters (Wendy and Jenny).  At this time
Wendy has two daughters (Dawn and Jennifer) and Jenny has two daughters
(Alaura and Ashlan). My daughter Jenny passed away suddenly on October 20, 2007.

After my military career, I entered the Insurance field, becoming a
insurance investigator and adjuster.  I started my own insurance adjusting
company in March 1982 and still own that company today.

One afternoon in September 1991 I was involved in a automobile accident
(I was not driving - but a sleeping passenger). I went to sleep and woke up 3 days
later in the hospital with my wife standing over me.  I was informed that I had a
broken neck in a area known as vertebra C2, C3, and C4.   After years of recovery
I feel that I am again able to live a average, normal life.

I had a loss of short term memory for many years.  But I am now back to about
80 percent of where I was prior to the accident.  The strange thing now is that
I can remember more about what I did in high school then what I did yesterday.
That happens when you loose your short term memory.  I remember all of my
class mates from Ritenour as if it was yesterday.

I currently own a insurance adjusting/investigation company in Union City,
California.  I hold both a insurance adjuster and insurance investigator license.
I still oversee the company and actually work in the field from time to time.

I love to teach.  But,  I have had to give up teaching after my accident.  It was
just too much for me.  I still hold my teaching credentials (they are life time).
In my spare time (when I have any) I love to work with computers.  I design
my own programs.  I normally make all of my own graphics. I learned computing
while recovering from my accident injuries.  It gave me something to do for up to
20 hours a day.

I am now looking forward to any and all future class reunion to see all of my
remaining classmates.

Charles (Chuck) Edmonds


When Chuck was Young (er)

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