Robert (Bob) Schroer
Bonita (Brant) Schroer
aka Bonnie

Bob and Bonnie were one of the few couples that
went to together in high school and then married.
Both in our class of 1956.

And like must of us, the marriage has lasted.

This is all info for the last 46 years:

We got married on June 16, 1956.  Bob was with A & P Grocery.  I was
employed at State  Bank of Wellston.  We went into the newspaper business in
the 1960's having a Globe and Journal routes.  After selling routes Bob
became a Limo Driver meeting many interesting people among some of the
stars Michael Jackson, Robert Wagner and many more celebrities from all
walks of life.  Retiring at age 62.  I became a beautician in 1972 still
working 2 days a week in my shop in the home.  Hope to retire at 65.

We have 2 children: 
Rob (Teresa) Feb 12, 1959 
Children:     Kevin 14
                    Laura 13
                    Jacob 7

Dawn (Mike) Waelder Jan 19, 1961 
Children:    Michael 21
                   Jeremy 20 
                   Adam 14

Our daughter Dawn has MS but  is doing very well She is on Avonex Shot once a week.
We enjoy living close to both , they live in Defiance, Mo. about 14 miles from  us.
We started out in our first house in Woodson Terrace in 1956, moved to Florissant in 1960.
We became interested in horses, moved to Hwy. N St. Charles, on 13 acres, in 1968
where we still are now having 6 acres. minus all the horses.  They got to be
more work then fun.  Rob went in the marines after high school 1978 and Dawn
got married on June 16, 1979. So all the help was gone.

We enjoy traveling ( Bob likes to take the last reunion book so he can find classmates , so don't be surprised if he finds you).   Have been on several cruises and plan to do a lot more.  So far we are both in good health.  Enjoy going biking.
Getting together with family and friends we have made over all  the years together. 

God has blessed us in many ways.

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