William A. (Bill) Sullins Jr

Hello fellow classmates. 

I miss you all, and in retrospect realize I was pretty much a nerd at age 18!

The Sullins clan now consists of my wife and best friend of over 38 years, Ann McFarland, a small town girl, who has blessed us with 3 children and a son-in-law.

My proudest achievements are definitely derived from the family.    Together, Ann and the children, have over 25 years of college education, so Iím pretty much an expert at nothing when we get together. The kids ( adults of course ) live in London , San Francisco, and Denver.  So, of course we track them down frequently.     I retired from 43 years of banking about 2 years age, and LOVE IT.    Banking was an accidental profession for me, but extremely rewarding from a personal enrichment standpoint (not monetarily)  Lots of interesting customers. 

Our children are adventuresome, and amazing in their careers.   We have a partner in the largest Accounting firm in the world, a real estate developer, and a Human Recourses manager.    Their personal interests far exceed mine.   They include Sky Diving ( 800 jumps Öone with Ann) , a certified Scuba diver rescue member, and a marathon runner.  They are all, including Ann, scuba divers, and have dived in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Australia at the Great Barrier Reef.  At these events, I am safely somewhere top side on a tennis court, away from the Sharks etc.

Ann was a small town girl, who came to St. Louis to teach, and later blossomed into the President of our School Board, returned to Washington U for a Masters degree, and is now a well recognized leader in charitable and non-for profit ventures.  She started her own consulting practice about 4 years ago, after 10 years of leadership with a bank and the William T Kemper Foundation.

My current interests are; family, friends, world wide travel, tennis, modest teaching assignments, and a determination to LIKE golf since so many friends play.

I look forward to seeing you at the reunion in 2006 and am saddened by the fact that so many of our friends and classmate have passed on.

God bless you all


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