Arnold Jellison

I understand some information on my health was discussed during the recent 50th reunion of the class of 1956. I thought I might clarify the information and bring you up to date.

I was unable to attend the reunion because I just finished 6 months of chemo treatments. My doctor has told me that I am now in clinical remission. Each day I get a little stronger in my recovery process from those treatments. We are hoping for a long remission but who knows. There is presently no cure for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). My treatments are still considered experimental and were conducted at M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center in Houston. I am a test tube type of guy these days.

My doctor, Michael Keating, is one of the few experts in this type of cancer and has started his own CLL research foundation. I feel I have benefited from his research ahd therefore donated a large sum of money personally to his research foundation.

The CLL research community faces a big challenge. The patient population with CLL is relatively small compared to some of the more common cancers such as breast, lung or prostate cancer. Therefore larger cancer organizations and pharmaceutical companies are less likely to make CLL a research priority. These reasons drive the development of the CLL Global Research Foundation and explain why I am personally trying to help in any way I can.

Perhaps I can attend the next reunion.

God Bless You

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