Open Letter From
Ann H Hunt
Ritenour Hall of Fame Member
The hall of fame weekend at Ritenour was just great. It was so nice to see Dale Rohman and share the events with him. Lots of RHS grads were there. Lots from our class.  DC Look was there too. 

On Friday, we all attended a pep assembly and made brief statements to the 1700 assembled students. The energy was great. We had good interaction with the principal 
(Mr. Bill Korte). I was given a brief tour of the music department by a gifted young student-Arnold.  We had a little ceremony to unveil our official portraits-which were then hung on the wall by the entrance to the high school.

The dinner on Friday was fun. The RHS chamber music group played before dinner. The speeches got a little long. But, the energy and enthusiasm were wonderful.

We met again on Saturday morning for a fun parade. We started at RHS, drove to Brown Rd., down Brown to Lackland, turned right on Brown and went to Woodson.Then we  paraded back down Woodson returned to RHS. There were judges to evaluate the floats, the band played, we threw candy to bystanders, and had lots of fun. Then we went to the football game. RHS lost 13-2 to Riverview Gardens.  It was a beautiful day and the football team played well. 

After the game  we each went our own way. The inductees got to know each other and bonded. I enjoyed meeting each inductee. Lew Reed (RHS '54-a friendly, interesting lawyer,gardener, philantrophist), Steve Twitchell (RHS '73-a creative media production expert) and I rode in a convertible together for the parade. 

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the honor of being recognized by RHS. 
Thank you for inspiring my nomination.

I appreciate all that you the class have done for me. 

ann h.hunt