Charles Edmonds


March 12, 2002

Hall of Fame Committee
Ritenour High School
9100 St Charles Rock Road
St Louis, Mo. 63114-4241

RE:  Nomination of Classmate 
       Classmate name: Dwight C. Look
       Class of: 1956

Encl: (A) Nomination form
         (B) A very short, non-specific summary version of resume
         (C) A 5 year update version of resume
         (D) A complete (total) resume

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with great pride that I hereby nominate a follow classmate to the Ritenour Hall of Fame.

My nomination is for Dwight C. Look, Class of 1956.

Mr Look is a total example of what Ritenour is all about. He has set a example of what the
high school education (lower learning) is all about.  Because of the ground work set by the
Ritenour school district, Mr Look was able to continue his education by obtaining a B.S; 
then a M.S; and continuing on to a Ph.D.

Mr. Look has recently retired as Professor Emeritus of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering,
University of Missouri, Rolla, Missouri.

Charles J. Edmonds
Class of 1956