Matthew John Pohl
Photo updated 6/10/07
My graduation present was a union card and a job working at 
Missouri Printing as an apprentice bookbinder. 20 Oct 1956, 
I joined the Navy Reserve as an Airman Recruit at NAS St. Louis. 
Went to a reserve bootcamp at NAS St. Louis during the summer 
of 1957. The assistant Officer-in-charge was also the Director of 
Admissions at Westminster College in Fulton, MO. He managed 
to get me a 50% scholarship, so I spent the '57-'58 academic year 
in Fulton while doing weekend reserve drills at NAS St. Louis until 
it closed. The drill weekends were then at NAS Glenview, Illinois.

I was too dumb to get the paperwork done to continue the scholarship 
at Westminster, so I enrolled at Washington University for the fall 
semester of '58. I subsequently disenrolled and went on active duty 
in January of 1959. I spent the time between then and my retirement, 
1Feb1994, playing sailor at various places around the world. AR Pohl 
went through the enlisted ranks to Chief Petty Officer Pohl, through 
the Warrant Officer ranks to Commissioned Warrant Officer 4, and 
through the officer ranks to Commander. It took a long time, but I 
enjoyed almost all of it.

Since retirement, I've just been relaxing, aging rapidly, and enjoying life.

Hang in there, Matt 

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