Margie (McCullough) Henry

Margie (McCullough) Henry

The Henry's
Harold and Margie
Eight of the eleven

As you can readily see, our grandchildren are our Joy and Life now.  If I would have known how much fun grand kids were, I would have had them first.

I married Harold in 1959 at the First Baptist Church of St. Johns.  He was a Clayton Policeman in our first years then became an Electrician at U. E. He transferred to the Nuclear Plant in Fulton as an Electrical Foreman.  We purchased a 40 acre "gentleman farm" with cows, chickens, horse and very in-experienced, the neighbor's called us "green-go's" said we wanted our place to look like our lawn in Florissant, where we had moved from. 

We had four children, which made  "Me" a stay-at-home mom, a job that I had always aspired to.  We have two son's and two daughter's.  They are grown now with great families and all have made us very proud.  Harold and Kelly live in Chicago. Where he is a corporate banker. Three Children,  Randy and Anita live in Eldon Missouri.  He is a Missouri (St. Water) Patrolman. Three son's.  Jill and Alan bought our farm, they are school teacher's in Jefferson City, with 3 daughters.  Kari and Greg live in Waterloo Illinois.  Kari is a nurse at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, with 2 sons.

We retired in 1997 and sold our farm to our daughter and moved to town.  Last year we built a new home, our Retirement  home. We love gardening and trying to get our lawn started. We planted large trees (don’t have time left to plant small ones) and  lots of flowers. Our daily activities always start out at the YMCA where we are striving to keep these old bones working.  Enjoying great health and our retirement day's with some travel and doing just what we want to do.

I was only at Ritenour  my senior year, but I really enjoy the web page and reading all the BIOS's.   In the year-book it said my future would be "A Torch  Singer in New Orleans" surely a joke….the only place I have ever sang is at church, in the choir and occasionally play the piano.  I also teach a Sunday School class that I totally enjoy.

Our 50th, Is next year and we are having Open House in our new home,  to celebrate. 

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