Carole (Rodewalt) Bushong

 I went to McDonnell Douglas Aircraft directly out of high school,  Married Gerry Strait in August of that same year  and two years later we had a beautiful baby girl.   In those days you had to leave work at 5 months' pregnancy.  I did leave at 5 months and did not go back to work until seven years later.  We moved to Hazelwood where I still live today.

Gerry and I divorced almost ten years after moving to Hazelwood.  Of course I went back to work.  I spent one year at Keebler Biscuit until they moved out of town.   I then went to work at Wagner Electric in 1965.  I remained there until 1982.  At that time my division moved to Tullahoma,  Tennessee.

I met my husband Bill Bushong in 1967.  We were married that same year and we were married for almost 35 years until he passed away.  I gained a stepdaughter and a stepson so you would think from all three kids some grandchildren would come.   No such luck.  Oh well,  I have lots of surrogates to spoil.  My two stepchildren live out of town (Fort Smith, Arkansas) and my daughter  lived in New Orleans for ten years and then some years in Cozumel,  Mexico so I had great vacations.

After I left Wagner Electric I played housewife for a year before I went back to work.  I was lucky enough to get to work for the same man I worked for at Wagner at a company called Allied Industrial Equipment Company.  They sell forklift trucks,  mainly anything for warehousing.  I was Secretary/Receptionist for all my employment out of high school and thanks to the great training at Ritenour I never got tired of it.

My husband was district manager for a retail security systems company.  He traveled around the country for all of the forty years in his job.  He finally retired at age 62.  He did consulting work for his company after he retired when they needed him.  He was in town with me for five great years before he passed away.  Not long enough.  I lost him in 2000.

I continued to work until 2005 (March 4th) at which time I retired.  I do enjoy it and have my "little man",  A miniature Schnauser named Spanky.  Spanky keeps me from being lonely.  My daughter came home to St Louis after my husband Bill died.  It was absolutely wonderful having her near.  She and her husband had divorced and she has now remarried to a great guy "Benji",  who has three children.  So,  I finally have my grandchildren.

I do attend luncheons for retirees from Wagner Electric and get togethers from Allied and have just started to attend Luncheons for Ritenour Grads.   Such fun.  I love the bonding that accrues and will continue to attend.  I believe this last reunion was the best ever.  Everyone seemed to enjoy being together,  no matter who they were pals with before.  All that seemed to disappear and just Ritenour kids again.  I said before,   I felt that I was 18 at 68!

I still live in the same house, where I have lived since 1961.  My email address is listed below.  I hope to hear from some of you.

Carole Rodewalt Bushong 

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