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Castro Valley Parade 5/9/09


Galvan Family Gathering

Video       16:16

Video taken 6/13/09


Club33 - Disney Land


Steve's Birthday Cake  6/21/09

Steve's Birthday Cake photos
Steve's Birthday  1:53

Band Camp 8-21-09



First Game 9-11-09

Ashlin's Birthday
Video     39:05  

Video's taken 6/14/09

Alaura and Ashlin's Dance Recital 6/28/09 in Tracy Theater
Video     10:38  

The below video is a collection of 40 videos given by Jenny.  I have put them together by file number as when received.  Each clip ranged from about 10 seconds to 2 minutes.   Set back and enjoy.
Video     37:56

Hayward band Senior Night 11-13-09


Dawn's Birthday 2009

Birthday Video      10:47

Hayward High Pleasanton 10-24-09/index.htm


Marine World 9-26-09

Oakland Christmas Parade 12/5/09


Family Gathering 11/28/09

Family Gatherings 11/28-29/09

Hayward High Winter Concert

Family Christmas 2009

Jennifer's Senior Prom 5/1/10

Dawn & Leo Wedding

From Kathryn Wilson


Alaura's 8th birthday party 1/23/10

Castro Valley Parade 5-8-2010


Mothers Day 2010

May 9, 2010

Dawn & Leo's Wedding


Dawn & Leo's Wedding

From Gordon & Gale

Mary Lou - 50th Anniversary Dinner

Steve's Birthday 6/17/2010

Family Christmas 2010


Alaura's First Communion 5/7/11

Father's Day 2011

Dawn & Ali's 21st Birthday Party

4th of July at Aarons


Tracy Swim Meet 5/22/11

Balloon Ride - Napa 6/2/12

Alameda Fair 6/20/12

Walk in the Wild 6/23/12


New Roof 7/9/12



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