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Ritenour Class of 1956


Ritenour Class of 1956  is privately owned and run. It is for the use of invited guests.  We hope that you will enjoy your visits. This chat forum is open to anyone that wants to use it as long as our rules are followed.

Our rules are basic and simple:. Being privately owned and operated, we allow no advertising,  advertising links, or advertising/advertising links in your signatures.  Nor do we allow porn in the open forums.  Any advertising will be at the sole discursion of the ownership.  If you have any questions you may contact the ownership at

1.  Watch your language while in open forums.  Children and Women may be present and are able to read all open forums.
2.  Do not bash others on our forums.
3.  Treat our home as if it is your own.

Anyone wishing to open a private forum can contact Chuck Edmonds at
The only requirement to opening a private forum is that you must do your own policing (monitoring), set rules
that must be followed,  and you must have at least 10 members.

This site is owned and operated by:  The Alumni of the Ritenour Class of 1956

Copy Right Laws:

Anything copied from this forum requires written permission.. If someone posts a photo or graphic that they have a copyright on they must post a disclaimer to the fact that they hold the copyright.